Detour Stores

Men's Wear and Accessories

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Detour Stores the sole retailer of the Infiniti brand, along with several other exclusive brands, has been serving the clothing and footwear needs of the men of Trinidad and Tobago for the past 28 years. But it goes deeper and further than this – Our strength lies in our manufacturing history and expertise – expertise which ensures the best fit, fabric, durability and value for your money. We are the only retail operation in Trinidad and Tobago that can say this and we say so with pride in having the knowledge and skill in the important factors of clothing manufacture – design, fabric selection, cut, fit and of course price and value.

Our competitors, whether in business 1 year or 50 years cannot say that. These are stores that have their goods supplied from distributors in other countries, without even the slightest care or concern about what exactly they are buying. They have no clue as to what constitutes a proper fit for the Trinidadian and Tobagonian Male and least of all what fabric composition means.

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