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“The FABRIC LAND TRADING Co. first opened in 1991, beginning as a retail and wholesale supplier of textiles. FLT Co. soon expanded it’s range to fabric based commodities and finished home goods.This expansion into the home accessory and décor market gave way to the birth of FLT Co.’s “Home Land” brand.

Home Land Furnishings & Fabric Land Stores (HL /FL) opened it’s flagship store in April 2014 at Piarco Plaza, in the vicinity of the Piarco Airport’s Highway Turn-off. This centralised location was chosen to allow customers from all over Trinidad easy access and a stress free shopping experience.

Home Land Furnishings & Fabric Land Stores provides interior and outdoor design solutions, by furnishing goods that are competitively priced, wide in range and specifically chosen for it’s uniqueness and aesthetic. Offering thousands of home accessory merchandise in nine unique lands.”

Mall Floor: Level 1