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“Our company started as and continues to be a family-owned business, passionately committed to the philosophy that a woman’s makeup must enhance her natural beauty, not hide it. We believe that people must see the woman, not her makeup. When a woman walks into a room and people say she is beautiful, her makeup is perfect.

The first step in fulfilling our vision was to develop a line of foundations that was so natural-looking it would fit like a second skin on any complexion. This became our obsession. For years our chemists worked hand in hand with our makeup artists pursuing this seemingly elusive dream. After years of experimentation we were finally satisfied with the results and launched our Second Skin foundations which we believe match today’s diverse skin tones more perfectly than any other brand.

Formulating foundations to perfectly match different skin tones and skin types was an enormous challenge. However, our unique blend of pigments and under-tone colourants has given us the results that no one can match. Our foundations and powders perfectly match from the lightest to darkest complexions and all the exotic tones in between. They are specially formulated never to leave your face ashy or two-toned. Regardless of your complexion, you never need to blend our foundation onto your neck to get a natural-looking finish.

Creating Sacha under azure blue skies and the piercing rays of the Caribbean sun ensured that we developed products and colours that look exquisite even under the harshest conditions. Our foundations do not look or feel oily. They have excellent coverage and are yet lightweight on the skin. They have superior sun protection and never look chalky or ashy even in the brightest lighting.

Sacha makeup colours are vibrant and exciting and stand up beautifully even on hot, humid days. Our eye shadows are designed to look equally beautiful on all skin tones and the colour you see in the container is the colour you get on your skin. They have excellent staying power and look “just applied” for several hours. Our lip colours have an exquisite light feel while providing amazing colour with a “pop” that can be seen a mile away.

Sacha is sold worldwide in retail and speciality stores, from the glamorous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California to the coasts of Africa and throughout the Caribbean. The ease of ordering online at or getting tips and help from our toll-free helpline ensures an unparalleled level of customer service.

Sacha represents the ultimate convergence of science, quality and artistry in a full feature makeup line. Women worldwide, whether they are on stage, being photographed or simply being around friends and family, have the confidence that when they wear Sacha, they look better than when they wear any other brand.
Sacha was the Official Cosmetics of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Bahamas and Miss Jamaica Pageants and many other special events worldwide.”

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